Why this newsletter?

You love software 👩🏽‍💻

I love software and so do you. Mainly, this newsletter is about software development with a few other missives.

Representation ✊🏽

You don’t often see Black women in their late 30s and 40s tackling development and talking about how they experience the tech industry. First and foremost, this is a newsletter for everyone however, I really wish to show black women that you have a place at the table in this industry, you are where you should be, and you are valued. Your contributions matter.

Resources and Links 🔗

We have a responsibility to lift each other up, sharing tools and resources that help us get further in our careers and take care of our whole being. I will share software, books, articles, and other tools to help you navigate a new career after having worked in another industry.

You’ve come from practically nothing 🚫 💰

This is something no one talks about and something that I want to tackle. I was incredibly lucky with the family and resources my family had but when I was on my own, I had absolutely nothing, below the poverty line nothing and tech, while I’ve absolutely been a nerd and technologist, science fan my whole life, afforded me the opportunity to pull myself out of poverty. This is for those of us who didn’t have the resources other folks had who switched into this industry, and a place to talk about how to manage going from nothing to having something.

About me

I was a listless 20 something bouncing around college taking courses like Electronics Engineering Tech, Physics, and English for a long time, not knowing what I wanted to do.

I had a computer as a kid, a hand-me-down Commodore 128 when I was 12. It was completely outdated by then and I wasn’t technical enough to write programs for it (I did write a small graphics program but it was so hard I gave up afterwards). But my love of tech remained.

12 year old me getting Dick Yocca’s old computer

I was still coasting in my 30s and thinking I’d like to work as an editor in NYC with my MFA in tow. I didn’t realize, however, that MFAs are for people who already have money, and I didn’t want to be broke all my life. I wanted to build software for some publishing company but at the urging of friends I decided to take on software engineering as I was constantly modifying my Android phone’s OS.

And so here we are.

What to expect

I’ll publish once a month until I figure out what direction I want for this newsletter. And borrowing heavily from Arit Developer Newsletter’s About page, I will post once a month in the following categories:

  • #Work&Career: What I am working on at my job and the successes and failures I’ve encountered in my career along the way.

  • #OpenSource: My contributions to open source and tips on how to contribute to, or build your own, open source projects.

  • #Inspirations: people or organizations I admire that push me to be a better developer than I am today.

  • #NonTechLife: Stuff beyond tech, parts of my life that I wish to share such as hobbies, games, and interesting things I’ve watched or read.

  • #WholeCare: for those of us struggling and coping with how to navigate our mental health with balancing a healthy life outside of tech.

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